The Ultimate Guide to a Self-Distancing Staycation

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self distancing staycation

Are your vacation plans ruined? Whether your state has started to return to a new normal or is still stuck inside, many of us are now dealing with canceled plans and social distancing. While we are all stuck in quarantine and unable to travel far from home, now is the perfect time to take a staycation at home!

Staycations are a great way to save money and relax, but you can also use a staycation to give yourself some much needed time off at home! Here is the ultimate guide to a quarantine staycation.

What Do You Do On A Staycation At Home?

There are lots you can do when you have a staycation at home and below I share some of my favorite things I’ve been doing while being in quarantine. Sure we all miss travel, but you can still have an enjoyable quarantine staycation at home. And when you compare it with a normal vacation, you’ll save on money and a whole of stress that comes with it.

Check out these staycation at home ideas when you can’t travel.

1. Leave Your House

As long as you practice social distancing guidelines, you can leave your house. Many places have beaches or hiking trails available to the public where you can keep your distance from others, yet still, go outside! Any place where you are not under quarantine is open, and you can safely practice social distancing is a great option! Make sure that you call ahead of time to make sure these places are open and aren’t operating on limited hours.

2. Travel the World from Your Couch

travel from couch

During this challenging time, many places are offering virtual travel tours and other incentives to allow people to visit or tour their facilities virtually! From national parks to landmarks from all around the world, the possibilities are endless! If you want to escape from home for just a little while, consider giving one of these a try! You can even view live streams of zoos and aquariums too!

3. Turn Your Home into an Oasis

The most relaxing place you can be is right in your own home! Set up some beach chairs in the backyard and do some sunbathing. Enjoy a fun tropical drink from your fridge, and then finish off the day by sleeping in your comfortable bed! Your home can be an oasis if you let it be! Make a list of some of the activities you do while on vacation, and see what you can recreate at home. Sometimes a new recipe or a fun twist on a classic can help make your home feel like a vacation villa.

4. Enjoy the Local Cuisine

order food from home

Eating out is probably one of the best parts of going on vacation because you don’t have to cook! However, there are a ton of great ways you can turn your eating experience into a safe one! Many locations are opening up so you can eat at a restaurant if you’re comfortable and the option is available.

But, you can also choose takeout or delivery using sites like DoorDash, Grubhub or Postmates if you don’t feel safe in the restaurant. If the very idea of restaurants makes your stomach turn right now, you could try making your copycat recipes at home! This way, you can still enjoy some of that delicious local cuisine without having to worry about being too close to others.

Just because you can’t leave your city doesn’t mean you can’t have an awesome vacation! These tips will help you make the most out of your staycation at home, while still getting a little time off.

Want more staycation at home ideas? I made a list of 21 ideas here!

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