12 Travel Hacks To Make Your Next Trip Easier

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travel hacks to make trip easier

Traveling to a different city, or country for that matter, is meant to be an enjoyable experience. It can quickly turn to a stressful one if you don’t plan accordingly. Whether you are preparing for your first major trip, or you are a seasoned traveler, it helps to have a few hacks to rely on. Here are 12 travel hacks to make your next trip easier, allowing for more overall enjoyment.

Don’t leave without travel insurance: Before heading to any trip, the first thing you should do is get travel insurance.


You hear so many cases of people getting sick, ended up going to a local doctor and saved themselves thousands of dollars because they had travel insurance.

The one I personally use when I travel anywhere is World Nomads. It’s super easy to sign up (only just a few minutes). So make sure you check it out before your travels to save yourself a lot of money.

1. Plan Your Trip With Ease With A Travel Planner

A travel planner can be extremely beneficial if you tend to struggle to stay on track. A planner can help keep track of flight details, budget, contact information and more.

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A perfect reliable option for a travel planner that can be completely printed off is my Travel Planner Printables Kit. Just using something like this can save you hours throughout the duration of the trip. The perfect outline is already provided and you can add the pages to your personal planner.

2. Navigate Through Any Country With Google Translate App

In just the last few years, the Google Translate app has really become a lot more useful. We aren’t quite at the point where languages can be translated in real time, but the delay is minimal.

There is really no reason to let a language barrier get in the way of your travel. Learn a few phrases in the language on your own beforehand, and then have the Google translate app ready to go for anything else.

3. Use Google’s OK Maps Offline Mapping Option

When traveling, it is not a good idea to rely solely on having an Internet connection and cell phone signal everywhere. You might take it for granted at home, but more offline option should be used when traveling.

Google offers a pretty robust offline mapping option, which can definitely come in handy when exploring a new area. Don’t let your cell phone basically become a brick if it doesn’t have a connection to the Internet. This offline option does pretty much the same thing as on my maps, so you won’t miss out on too much.

4. Pack A Reuseable Water Bottle In Your Travel Bag

More and more people are trying to drink as much water as possible, and it just makes sense to have a way to get fluids without having to buy something each and every time.

When traveling, you might be on your feet a little bit more than usual or maybe you’ll prefer to go on a nice bike ride to explore instead. That means your body needs fluids. It’s convenient to have one because you’ll use it several times throughout the trip. Most water bottles are pretty lightweight these days, so it doesn’t add much to the travel bag weight.

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5. Charge Phones & Other Electronic Devices via Your TV’s USB Slot

It’s easy to be extremely dependent on a cell phone, and other electronica devices when traveling. Constantly checking them for directions, looking up information, taking pictures and more all drain the batteries.

Finding enough outlets might be tough at times. For those devices that can be charged with a USB slot, never forget those on a television. They are very convenient, and these days there are usually a few open slots. It also doesn’t require a plug for an outlet.

6. Bring a Pillowcase

When it comes time to sleep, you probably feel most comfortable with your own pillow. However to save space, it’s better to bring your own pillow case.

It is easy to throw one or two pillowcases in the bags, and it’s just going to make sleeping that much easier. If you are in need of a pillow, just make one out of some soft clothes and stuff it in the case.

7. Use FourSquare app to Find WiFi Passwords

Finding Internet can sometimes be a tedious hunt when traveling. The good news is that there are more and more hot spots popping up everywhere, and some places don’t even require a password.

For those locations that do require a password, the FourSquare app actually does a pretty great job of providing that information under the “Tips” section where people leave recommendations. This can save a lot of time when it seems like every Internet connection is locked. Most people just need to hop online for a short amount of time to take care of a few tasks anyway.

8. Pack Dryer Sheets In Your Suitcase

Throwing a few dryer sheets into your suitcase can help out quite a bit when traveling. Things can get smelly in a hurry when traveling, so just having a few in there will help keep things smelling fresh. It deodorizers the entire bag, and it can also fight off insects and bugs.

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Once you arrive, the dryer sheets can even help with removing static on clothes, and deodorizing a hotel room. They are very versatile, and weigh virtually nothing. Throw at least five in there for each trip.

9. Keep a Pen In Every Bag

Having something to write with can really pay off at the most unexpected times. You should always have a pen handy, especially when traveling. You never know when something needs to be written down, or a quick note needs to be thrown together.

Why pack just one pen? It never hurts to throw one in every bag that can be used when needed.

10. Store jewelry in a pill box

A lot of people are always worried about where to store expensive jewelry when traveling. There are safe boxes offered by a lot of hotels, but sometimes the best place to store jewelry is an obvious location.

If the jewelry fits, throw it in a pillbox. It helps to keep the jewelry hidden, tangle free and it is also just a convenient set up. Make sure you have enough room for your pills as well, but jewelry can usually fit right in there.

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11. Use a clothespin to hold your toothbrush

Most hotel rooms are not going to offer a toothbrush holder, so what is a traveler to do when they are on the road and don’t want to just place it anywhere? A simple clothespin can actually do the trick.

By attaching a clothespin to the neck of the toothbrush, you can help prop it up when not in use. It’s a very simple hack, but one that a lot of people overlook. It keeps the toothbrush very clean and sanitary.

12. Subscribe to sites that curate daily travel deals

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The Internet is an amazing resource that many people don’t even use to its full advantage. There are a number of daily travel deals out there, and it just comes down to looking at the right websites to find value.

Subscribe to the best daily travel websites so that nothing is missed out on. They are always looking around the internet to help out as many people as possible. Scott’s Cheap Flights and Sherman’s Travel are two of the very best, but there are other options out there as well. It can initially be very surprising to see just how much money can be saved.

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