Travel Planner Printables Kit – Plan Your Next Vacation With Ease!

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travel planner printables

Happy Friday!

We can officially say it’s summer, are you ready to take it on?

Just a few months from now, I’ll be living out of a suitcase for about a month and exploring a new country. I’m so excited!

Now me and travel aren’t exactly best friends. Just the thought of me being 35,000 feet up in the air for 10 hours has my knees shaking. It’s not my preferred choice to spend my time; however, I’m grateful to be able to travel a bit since I can blog from anywhere I want.

The one thing I’ve found to truly help me endure it all is being prepared for it, both mentally and physically.

There’s so much that goes into planning a trip. You have to…

  • Purchase flight tickets 
  • Find a place to stay
  • Figure out a travel budget
  • Consider travel expenses for transportation, food/drink, shopping, etc
  • Come up with an itinerary
  • and lots more.

That’s exactly why I always use a travel planner to help me organize all of my vacation details in one place, whether I’m going solo or traveling with a group.

Do you also struggle with organizing a trip?… Have only a few weeks left before you travel but there’s still so much planning to do?… Or maybe you struggle to stick with a vacation budget?…

If any of the above describes your situation every time you’re planning a trip, then I can help you in making sure that every single moment of your vacation is perfectly organized and memorable. I’m excited to share with you my brand new product – The Travel Planner Printables Kit. It’s available now at the HBH Shop!

These are the exact printables I use to plan and organize my own travel trips.

Why I Created This

travel planner blog image

I designed this 22-page travel planner to help you save money and get organized before your next adventure so you can focus on what you’re vacationing for: FUN and RELAXATION!

Travel is not always glamorous, but I leave with an unforgettable experience. This planner has helped me mindfully enjoy my travel experiences and plan my trips with ease. I’m excited to share my travel planner printables so I can help make the whole travel planning process less daunting for travelers.

With this planner, you’ll:

  • No longer struggle with sticking to a vacation budget.
  • Plan an amazing vacation without going into debt.
  • Be able to organize any kind of trip (solo, family, group, etc.).
  • Make the most of your vacation experience.
  • and a lot more!

Download Details

  • 4 different color designs: Mint, Sky, Strawberry, and Minimal.
  • 4 PDF files for US Letter (8.5″ x 11″) and 4 PDF files for A4 (8.27″ x 11.69″). For Minimal version, you’ll also receive A5 and Half Letter sizes.
  • 1 PDF for Printing Advice & Terms of Use in US Letter (8.5″ x 11″).

What’s inside?

  • Cover Page
  • Travel Overview
  • Destination Information 
  • Packing List
  • Daily Itinerary
  • Research Notes
  • Flight Details
  • Travel Budget  
  • Travel Savings Tracker 
  • Pre-Trip Checklist
  • Outfit Planner 
  • Travel Bucket List 
  • Travel Expenses 
  • Travel Memories Diary
  • Travel Journal 
  • Language Phrases 
  • House-Sitter Guide
  • Pet-Sitter Guide
  • Baby-Sitter Guide
  • Places to Visit 
  • Road Trip Packing Checklist (bonus)
  • Road Trip Planning Checklist (bonus)

Plus: A PDF file with printing instructions and tips on the best ways to print your travel planner!

The printable kit has a minimal yet luxe aesthetic and it’s designed by me. Best of all, you can download and print them out right from your own home saving you time and shipping costs.

Whether you choose to use my printables or not, the best decision you can make when it comes to travel is to plan ahead so you can enjoy your holiday vacation and budget wisely.

Ready to Purchase?

You can click the “Buy Now” button below to purchase the Travel Planner Printables Kit or click here!

Instant digital download (nothing will be shipped). All sales are final.

Still Not Sure?

If you’re still deciding on whether you want to pull out your credit card to purchase my travel printables, take your time. For now, sign up to my FREE Plan a Solo Trip Email Course. After seven days, you’ll no longer feel overwhelmed with planning a trip again!

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Happy travels!


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