The Fall 2014 Denim Report

by Diana Ajih on August 28, 2014

in trendsetters

fall 2014 denim report

As we get closer to fall, one item shoppers tend to focus on is new denim. This season denim is anything but basic so don’t expect to see just casual looks or day wear.  From tailored to patchwork and even the 70′s staple flare jeans, high fashion designers has changed the game on this most worn staple.

So what’s trending in fall 2014? Read my report as I break down everything you need to know about denim this season and the coolest new styles.

Fall 2014 Denim Guide

fall denim trends 2014 01
patchwork denim 01
patchwork denim 02
fall denim trends 2014 02
denim skirt 01
denim skirt 02
fall denim trends 2014 03
distressed denim 01
distressed denim 02
fall denim trends 2014 04
flare jeans 01
flare jeans 02
flare jeans 03
fall denim trends 2014 05
trucker jacket 01
trucker jacket
fall denim trends 2014 06
embroidered jeans 01
embroidered jeans 02
fall denim trends 2014 07
denim coat
denim coat 02


Patchwork is back and in full force this fall! There's something about mixing and matching two shades of denim on one pair of jeans that really makes me happy.

Slim Skirt

Think feminine silhouettes like this slim denim skirt.

Distressed Jeans

Distressed denim has been on trend for a while now but this fall, don't be surprised to see your favorite denim ripped to the extreme.


Flared jeans are all the rage for fall! Go from a slight flare to larger-than-life flare.

Trucker Jacket

If you've loved the slouchy fit of boyfriend jeans, prepare to meet the boyfriend jean jacket this fall.


A new trend we're seeing on denim this fall is the "DIY" look.

Tailored Coat

Again denim this season has no longer just for daywear. With new washes and textures it's dressier for night and even appropriate for work.

fall denim trends 2014 01 thumbnail
patchwork denim 01 thumbnail
patchwork denim 02 thumbnail
fall denim trends 2014 02 thumbnail
denim skirt 01 thumbnail
denim skirt 02 thumbnail
fall denim trends 2014 03 thumbnail
distressed denim 01 thumbnail
distressed denim 02 thumbnail
fall denim trends 2014 04 thumbnail
flare jeans 01 thumbnail
flare jeans 02 thumbnail
flare jeans 03 thumbnail
fall denim trends 2014 05 thumbnail
trucker jacket 01 thumbnail
trucker jacket thumbnail
fall denim trends 2014 06 thumbnail
embroidered jeans 01 thumbnail
embroidered jeans 02 thumbnail
fall denim trends 2014 07 thumbnail
denim coat thumbnail
denim coat 02 thumbnail
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