14 Creative Activated Charcoal Beauty Hacks

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activated charcoal beauty hacks

DIY beauty products are always a great way to save money and make use of everyday items around the home. Activated charcoal is one compound that is making headlines for the various ways it can be used to improve appearance. Not a lot of people even know of its powers, so it is possible that you may not be aware of the many activated charcoal beauty hacks. Note that this charcoal is different from what is used for cooking; it is porous carbon, and here is how you can blend it in several beauty routines and reap the benefits from it.

1) Whiten Teeth

diy charcoal toothpaste laurens notebook blog

Teeth stain due to impurities getting absorbed into the plaque. The porous nature of activated charcoal allows it to suck out the contaminants and the plaque, leaving your teeth with less yellowing. Consistent use of activated charcoal is required for those pearly whites. Besides whitening the teeth, activated charcoal improves its texture, giving you a smoother smile. However, caps and crowns don’t change color regardless of the potency of the compound. Get DIY here.

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2) Treat Oily Skin

Is your skin too oily and you can’t find the right product to treat it? Activated charcoal will naturally dry up your skin by removing oil impurities. Because it is highly absorbent, the charcoal will draw out the oil particles and soak up the sheen without being harsh on the skin. Oil particles clog the skin pores, causing conditions like acne. You can use the charcoal as a paste or soap.

3) Clarifying Shampoo

You can improve the quality of your shampoo by adding a bit of activated charcoal. The charcoal eliminates impurities from the scalp and hair as well, which is what makes it perfect for clarifying shampoo. For common hair and scalp issues like dandruff, clogging of the follicles, and scalp infections, activated charcoal does wonders. It will leave the hair and scalp feeling cleaner and shinier. Get DIY here.

4) Add Volume to Hair

Bulking up the hair is one of the activated charcoal beauty hacks to add to your list, especially for a person with light density hair. You can mix the charcoal in your regular shampoo or get a ready-made charcoal shampoo. For satisfactory results, let the shampoo sit in your hair for 2-3 minutes. By removing the toxins that impede hair growth, activated charcoal gives you a healthier head of hair.

5) Detox Smoothie

activated-charcoal-lemonade-detox smoothie green blender

A good detox is necessary to keep your skin looking fresh and feeling healthy, which you can get with activated charcoal. It may not sound or look digestible, but it does a great job of eliminating toxins from the body. The charcoal particles bond with the toxins, which is why it is used to counteract poisoning. You can mix the charcoal in any smoothie for a liver, colon, or overall body cleanse. Get DIY here.

6) Face Soap

diy-detox-salt-soap-stack soap deli news

The cleaning property of home-grade carbon makes it the ideal soap. It will remove bacteria, impurities, and dirt, which helps to boosts your facial skin. Activated charcoal soap is suitable for all skin types, but it gets the best results on oily skin. It reduces the threat of acne by absorbing oil particles. The soap will clean and smoothen the skin without drying it out. Get DIY here.

7) Exfoliating Facial Scrub

activated-charcoal-exfloiating-facial-scrub live simply

Eliminating the dead cells and bacteria that accumulate on the skin during the day requires a strong compound that won’t chafe the skin. Activated charcoal will clear out those breakouts waiting to come out and the stubborn blackheads, leaving the face feeling fresh and rejuvenated. Get DIY here.

8) Face Mask

DIY-Activated-Charcoal-Facial-Mask homemade for elle

Are you in need of a DIY face mask to give your skin a nice glow? Home-grade carbon will cleanse your face by getting rid of the dirt particles that have built up during the day. It is porous enough to absorb various types of impurities, making it a first-class face mask. The absorbent quality of the face mask will clarify the complexion, and the lack of chemicals means no irritation or other side effects. Get DIY here.

9) Homemade Eyeliner

Homemade-Natural-Eyeliner a blossoming life

For a natural DIY eyeliner that will not irritate your eyes, use activated charcoal. Mixing the powder with water will give you a simple eyeliner that is not laden with toxins, making it perfect for someone who is allergic to store-bought eyeliners. Adding some ingredients like coconut water and beeswax can enhance the quality of the homemade eyeliner. Get DIY here.

10) DIY Mascara

homemade-Natural-Mascara a blossoming life

Another makeup product you can get with useful activated charcoal beauty hacks makeup is mascara. You can enjoy long, beautiful and thick eyelashes that don’t ruin easily. The natural mascara that you get with home-grade carbon saves money, doesn’t include harmful ingredients, and is easy to make. Adding a bit of color can give different hues to suit your makeup needs. Get DIY here.

11) Skin Salve (for bug bites)

Activated-Charcoal-For-Bug-Bites crunchy betty

It helps to know a few home remedies, especially for bug bites and activated charcoal is an effective go-to. You can soothe those itchy bites by mosquitoes, bees and bed bugs with a salve made from carbon. The absorbent property of the carbon allows it to suck out the poison from the bite thereby, reducing inflammation and irritation. You may have to apply the charcoal paste repeatedly to get rid of the itching completely. Get DIY here.

12) Hair Dye

charcoal-hairdye natural teen files

Another one of the creative activated charcoal beauty hacks is dyeing the hair. When your hair has light ends that need darkening, the black pigment of activated charcoal works magic. Because it is highly absorbent, it will stick to the hair when left to sit for a while. You can get that rich natural dark hair that is both luscious and shiny because the charcoal is also an excellent cleaner. Get DIY here.

13) Lighten Armpits

diy underarms charcoal lovely bryana

Scrubbing activated charcoal on your underarms can give them a lighter complexion and make those sleeveless tops fun to wear again. The same way the carbon works to absorb the staining pigments in teeth is what it does with the skin. Combining the black powder with honey will increase its potency as a lightening agent. Watch DIY here.

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14) Gas Relief

Gas and bloating can cause quite a discomfort and one fast remedy to try out at home is activated charcoal. The by-products of gas-producing meals will bond with the carbon particles, which will get rid of the gassy feeling in your tummy. Use the activated charcoal in the right dosage, though for the best results. Learn more here.

Now, it’s your turn. Try any one of these activated charcoal beauty hacks let me know what you think in the comments section!

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