Your Home Cleaning Checklist: 42 Things To Sanitize

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things to sanitize at home

This post is all about things to sanitize at home.

Right now it is more important than ever to keep your house, your car, and your surroundings cleaned and sanitized. But while your toilet bowl might be sparkling clean, when was the last time you sanitized your computer’s keyboard?

There are a ton of little things around the house that just aren’t getting cleaned that are really important. And according to the CDC, you should be cleaning and sanitizing everyday when someone is sick. So, I’ve put together a list of more than 40 forgettable things to sanitize at home that will help you keep your family safe.

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Things To Sanitize At Home

Here’s a massive list of things to sanitize at home when someone is sick. You should sanitize everyday until that person is no longer sick.

  1. Alarm Keypads
  2. Backpacks
  3. Purses
  4. Messenger Bags
  5. Reusable Grocery Bags
  6. Bicycle Handlebars
  7. Helmets
  8. Credit Cards
  9. Debit Cards
  10. Computer Keyboard and Mouse
  11. Laptop Keyboard and Mouse
  12. The Power Button on your Computer
  13. Car Door Handles Inside and Out
  14. Car Gear Shift
  15. Steering Wheel
  16. Dashboard and Radio Knobs and Buttons
  17. Garage Door Opener
  18. Your Keys
  19. Delivered Packages
  20. The Mailbox
  21. Your Mail
  22. Door Knobs
  23. Locks
  24. Cabinet Doors and Handles
  25. Faucet Handles
  26. Shower Curtains
  27. Toothbrush Holder
  28. Hand Soap Pumps
  29. Shower Mat
  30. Toilet Handle
  31. Light Switches
  32. Handrails
  33. That Line on the Wall Where Your Kids Drag Their Fingers (if you have kids you know the one I’m talking about)
  34. Telephones
  35. Remotes
  36. Game Controllers
  37. Pet Food Storage Containers
  38. Pet Food Bowls
  39. Food Packaging
  40. Fresh Fruit and Veggies
  41. The Garden Hose
  42. Garden Water Faucets

Some of these might have seemed really obvious to you, but I’m willing to bet there are at least a few that made you say “oh yeah, I should clean that!” There certainly were a few like that for me when I started researching this article. The door of the mailbox was one of those that I hadn’t even considered. But I really should have! After all your mail delivery person could accidentally pass something on to you through it or you could pass something on to them. 

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What About Money?

One notable thing that wasn’t on this list was money and well the reason for that is quite simple. While you can clean and sanitize coins, paper money isn’t something you can really clean. Not without risking ruining it at least. Unless you live in Canada, where their “paper” money is made out of plastic. It is much safer not to handle money at all right now. Use your debit card instead. If you must handle cash be sure to use hand sanitizer immediately afterward and wash your hands as soon as you can.

Whatever you do though, don’t handle money and then immediately handle food. I’m looking at you fast food. If you do decide to have fast food use your hand sanitizer before you eat or go to the bathroom and wash your hands while you wait for your number to be called.

These extra little cleaning steps might just be exactly what it takes to keep you and your family from getting sick. Also, if you are finding that your hands are drying out because of all the hand washing and using alcohol-based hand sanitizer get yourself some lotion. Dry cracked skin is skin that will allow germs, bacteria, and viruses into your body.

I hope you liked this list of things to sanitize at home. Is there anything that you feel is missing? Share your thoughts by commenting below!

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