9 Healthy Spiralizer Recipes You’ll Love To Make

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Spiralizing has for some time now become immensely popular with kitchen moms. This method has found special favor with those who like healthy eating, without however compromising too much on the taste front.

best spiralizer recipes

So, we are talking people who champion keto, vegan, paleo, celiac, gluten-free, or simply vegetarian-friendly diets, but at the same time people who do not want to deprive their taste buds either. Now, from the outset, this requires some (or a good) degree of innovation. And “spiralizing” is something that helps you become innovative in a fun, quick and easy manner. But, if you are not familiar with it, you may already be asking at this point:

What Does Spiralizing Mean?

Well, just as its name suggests, Spiralizing simply means cutting up a variety of vegetables and fruits in spiral like shapes. And this you can achieve thanks to a wonderfully handy and easy-to-operate kitchen tool called a ‘Spiralizer’.

Now, you must surely have heard about zoodles by this time?

But probably never checked what it is!

Well, zoodles is short (or, if we wanted to get technical, a portmanteau term) for Zucchini noodles. The zucchini noodles have already become a huge favorite with many food lovers who, however, like to maintain a low-carb diet. As we know, the standard noodles, pasta, macaroni and the sort are high in carbohydrates. And yet, pasta and noodles are also highly versatile base foods that allow you to prepare all sorts of mouth-watering dishes.

how to make zoodles with spiralizer

And there are people who, no matter how much they prefer healthy eating, still would not hear of writing off noodles from their diet! And then, thanks to the spiralizer again, zoodles comes to rescue!

Anyway, to get to the point, what you do is simply fit your zucchini onto the spiralizer and the vegetable gets cut in exactly the shape of spiral noodles and voila!—you have your homemade veg noodles ready and you can then prep it just the way you do your standard noodles.

Now, although spiralizers are most often used to prepare zucchini noodles, they are by no means meant for that alone. In fact, you can use a spiralizer to cut many vegetables as well as fruits in attractive fashions to prepare a wide variety of delicious dishes, to use them as salad dressing and so on. In most of the best spiralizer recipes, spiralized vegetables are commonly used for salads, desserts, entrees, appetizers and casseroles.

In addition, the ease of use a spiralizer allows means you can simply cut the vegetables in bulk whenever you have some time at your disposal (normally on weekends) and then store them in an airtight container (glass storage container, ziplock bag, etc.). Put the container in the freezer and you can use the veggies for different dishes for the rest of the week. This cuts down your prep time for each meal—something every cook in the world will appreciate!

How to Use a Spiralizer

There are different spiralizer models out there and how you will use your spiralizer will slightly vary depending on the model you are using. That said, when it comes to spiralizers, by far the most popular model is the Paderno Spiralizer. It also happens to be the most selling model on Amazon. Now, the reason this make/model of spiralizer (which is available from other brands as well) is so popular is because it is handy, is easy to use, offers added flexibility, takes up little space on your countertop, and finally, it is highly affordable.

paderno spiralizer 4 blade

When using a spiralizer, you always need to cut both ends up of the vegetable you are spiralizing. In the Paderno type spiralizers, you will see there is a food gripper on one end and on the other end, the blade. So, when you have cut both ends up of a piece of vegetable, you get flat surfaces which you then fix tightly onto the gripper and the blade. Make sure you put the vegetable firmly in place and once you have done that, the rest is a breeze. You turn the handle and you will have your zucchini (or whatever vegetable you are using) cut into curls in a matter of seconds!

Also, you have the option to use different blades to cut veggies in different patterns. Basically, there are two different types of blades that are used in most spiralizers—the spiral blade and the flat blade. The spiral blade will cut the veggies into spiral or curl like shapes while with the flat or straight blade, you get your veggies cut into beautiful ribbon like shapes. The latter patterns are great for using veggies in salad, casseroles and other spiralizer recipes. The ribbon shapes give a whole new dimension to the presentation of the dishes and you can rest assured that your guests will appreciate it.

Also remember that the blades come in different width ranges. This allows you even greater flexibility since you can determine the thickness of the spiraled vegetables. Just as in noodles you get thicker or thinner varieties, you can do the same with your homemade zoodles with the help of these spiralizer blades of different sizes.

Fruits & Vegetables That Can Be Spiralized

Although spiralizers are most commonly used for making zoodles, they can be used for spiralizing a wide variety of fruits and vegetables—something we have already mentioned.

Veggies that are most commonly spiralized include:

  • zucchini
  • cucumber
  • sweet potato
  • white potato
  • cabbage
  • onion
  • beet
  • carrot
  • parsnip
  • celeriac
  • bell pepper
  • butternut squash

Among fruits, some of the best spiralizer recipes from foodie bloggers love spiralizing pears and apples, chiefly for use in desserts. However, do feel free to use your imagination and try experimenting with different veggies and fruits and you can stumble on to some great results!

Just keep this in mind though that the vegetables and fruits which are too juicy or pulpy inside are not ideal for spiralizing. The vegetables you spiralize need to have a degree of firmness to get cut into spiral or ribbon like shapes. If they are too watery on the inside, as certain species of cucumbers are for instance, you will not get the desired results.

Finally, when you are cutting carrots or zucchinis, once you get the spirals, you will always be left with a long round stem from the inside of the vegetables. In case of zucchinis, the stem is mainly the core with the seeds (which you can either discard or use it for some other purpose) while in case of carrots or parsnips, it is the solid core inside that you can save for some other use.

P.S. — While spiralizing veggies with strong colors (red cabbage, beet, etc.), use a plastic glove and wash your spiralizer and the blades immediately after use in order to prevent them from developing stains or rust.

Best Spiralizer Recipes

Some of the best spiralizer recipes from around the web for inspiration!

1. Four Ingredient Creamy Vodka Steak Pasta

Creamy-Vodka-Steak-Pasta-pinch of yum

If you love you a good piece of steak, pasta and making 4 ingredient recipes, then you’ll want to try this combo with zoodles! // via Pinch of Yum

2. Spiralized Daikon Rice Noodle Bowl

spiralized daikon noodle bowl love and lemons

Instead of zoodles, try doodles! Made with the daikon noodles, cucumber, carrots, radishes, tofu and fresh herb served in a bowl with a bright, tangy sauce or a rich creamy sauce. // via Love and Lemons

3. Thai Carrot Cucumber Noodle Salad with Peanut Lime Dressing


This recipe is a clean eating veggie noodle salad that’s crisp, refreshing, and bursting with Thai flavors! // via Flavor the Moments

4. Spiralized Sweet Potato, Kale and Bacon Quiche


This quiche combo not only looks amazing but sounds amazing. The perfect comfort food for breakfast, lunch or dinner! // via How Sweet Eats

5. Spiralized Sweet Potato Enchilada Skillet

Spiralized-Sweet-Potato-Enchilada-Skillet-Sweet Peas and Saffron

This spiralized sweet potato enchilada skillet contains spiralized sweet potatoes, corn, black beans, and enchilada ingredients. Can be done in 30 minutes! // via Sweet Peas and Saffron

6. Sesame Ginger Miso Cucumber Salad

Sesame Ginger Miso Cucumber Salad Snixy Kitchen

This cucumber salad is topped with toasted sesame seeds and has a slightly nutty and a tad spicy taste, wrapped up with a delicate white miso. // via Snixy Kitchen

7. Chicken Pesto Zoodle Soup with Grilled Cheese


This broth-based zoodle soup is hearty, packed with protein, flavorful and naturally gluten-free. You’ll want to dip a grilled cheese sandwich into this soup. // via Nosh and Nourish

8. Sweet Potato Noodle Salad With Roasted Corn

This yummy salad starts with sweet potato noodles and ends with chipotle dressing, cilantro, roasted corn and pepitas.

9. Creamy Sun Dried Tomato + Parmesan Chicken Zoodles

Creamy-Sundried-Tomato-Chicken-Strips-cafe delites

Sun dried tomatoes, garlic and parmesan cheese infused in a cream based sauce poured over crispy, golden pan fried chicken strips and zoodles is the perfect low carb, comfort food for the fit-foodie. // via Cafe Delites

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