20 Quick & Easy Instant Pot Recipes For The Whole Family

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Make weeknight dinners even easier with these 20 easy instant pot recipes! Some savory, some sweet, you are sure to find the perfect recipe for your family – there’s even some drink and dessert recipes too.

easy instant pot recipes

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Cooking with an Instant Pot makes dinner so much easier than traditional cooking – which is why it is the latest craze. There isn’t anything better than an Instant Pot! Okay… maybe there is – but not much! 😉

You will find a great selection of Instant Pot recipes – some healthy, some with chicken, others with beef, and some of them can even be made into vegetarian dishes. These are the BEST easy instant pot recipes I have been able to find so far.

Most of these dishes will be ideal for 4-6 people and leftovers are perfect for lunch or even leftover dinner nights!

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Already hooked on instant pot meals?

Check out these awesome instant pot recipes and my favorite instant pot recipe book so you never run out of recipes for your instant pot!

Now, let’s get to the delicious and easy instant pot recipes, shall we?

20 Quick & Easy Instant Pot Recipes

Keto crack chicken recipe by the Keto Queens: A rich and creamy keto recipe that is sure to be a family favorite.

keto instant pot crack chicken recipe

Instant pot swiss chicken by Wondermom Wannabe: A simple dinner recipe that is a huge crowd pleaser and perfect for lazy weeknight dinners.

instant pot swiss chicken

Instant pot chili by the Typical Mom: Super cheap and easy weeknight dinner that even the kids will love – and it’s healthy too!

instant pot chili

Instant pot iced tea by Two Sleevers: Such an easy hands-off way to make a smooth, but strong iced tea everyone will love!

instant pot iced tea

Keto instant pot chicken bacon chowder by 5 dinners 1 hour: Simple and easy dinner recipe that everyone will love – creamy, savory, and delicious!

keto instant pot chicken bacon chowder

Instant pot herb roasted potatoes by Onion Rings and Things: The easiest way to make delicious potatoes – such an crispy, fluffy, and flavorful side dish!

instant pot herb roasted potatoes

Instant pot korean chicken meatballs by the Bewitchin Kitchen: Quick and easy dinner recipe perfect for weeknights that kids will love!

instant pot korean chicken meatballs

Instant pot sloppy joes by I Don’t Have Time for That!: A healthy alternative to traditional sloppy joes – a quick and easy dinner idea everyone is sure to enjoy.

instant pot sloppy joes

Instant pot classic whole chicken by Pink When: A perfect instant pot staple for easy dinner ideas – moist, flavorful, and so delicious!

instant pot classic whole chicken

Instant pot italian tomato chicken & penne pasta by Easy Instant Recipes: The perfect hearty comfort meal the whole family will love – just like grandma used to make!

instant pot italian tomato chicken penne pasta

Instant pot hard boiled eggs by Mama Loves Food: The perfect protein-rich healthy after school snack – made in an instant pot!

instant pot hard boiled eggs

Instant pot salsa verde chicken by Or Whatever You Do: Super easy 3-ingredient dinner recipe – and you don’t even have to thaw the chicken!

instant pot salsa verde chicken

Keto instant pot cheesecake by Lara Clevenger: A low carb and easy cheesecake made in the instant pot – it’s so sweet and fluffy too!

keto low carb instant pot cheesecake

Instant pot pot roast by Girl and the Kitchen: The perfect sunday night dinner recipe – so tender, savory, and delicious – it’s quick and easy too!

instant pot pot roast

Instant pot cabbage soup by Wholesome Yum: A quick and easy cabbage soup recipe you will love – made with an instant pot!

instant pot cabbage soup

Instant pot pork italian sausage by the Keto Queens: The perfect italian sausage recipe for weeknight dinners – so quick, juicy, and flavorful!

instant pot pork italian sausage

Instant pot spaghetti by Princess Pinky Girl: The perfect weekend spaghetti dinner – pasta cooked to perfection, hearty sauce, and ready in less time.

instant pot spaghetti

Instant pot shredded chicken burrito bowls by the Recipes Simple: Quick and easy dinner idea the whole family will love – perfect for taco lovers with a twist.

instant pot shredded chicken burrito bowls

Instant pot street tacos by Stylish Cravings: Delicious street tacos everyone will love – made quick and easy with an instant pot.

instant pot street tacos

Instant pot mac and cheese by Kimspired DIY: The perfect recipe for a family favorite – everyone will love this mac and cheese!

best instant pot mac and cheese

There you have it! I hope you found some delicious easy instant pot recipes to enjoy! For more delicious recipes, be sure to check out our favorite slow cooker soup recipes perfect for the cold winter months.


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