20 Quick & Easy Instant Pot Dessert Recipes

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Sweeten up the holidays with these delicious instant pot dessert recipes! Some low-carb, some gluten free, some healthy, and some are just some real comfort food. You’re sure to find the PERFECT recipe for this holiday season.

instant pot dessert recipes

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I LOVE cooking with an instant pot as it makes everything so much easier – including baking desserts. If you’ve never tried baking desserts in one – I HIGHLY recommend you try it out!

You will find a wonderful selection of instant pot desserts – some are healthy, some fruity, some low carb, and some are just the BEST comfort food! They all go great with these easy instant pot recipes, too! They are drool-worthy recipes that are the perfect for the holidays.

These dishes will be ideal for an average sized family so be sure to adjust recipes accordingly if you’re making them for a large family holiday dinner!

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Now… onto the mouthwatering instant pot dessert recipes!

20 Delicious Instant Pot Dessert Recipes

Apple Crisp by the Typical Mom: This apple crisp recipe is so warm and sweet – made in under 10 minutes! It’s the perfect recipe everyone will love.

instant pot apple crisp

Pumpkin Cheesecake by A Mom’s Impression: A rich and moist cheesecake recipe perfect for the holiday season that everyone is sure to love!

pumpkin cheesecake

Berry Cobbler by Easy Instant Recipes: This recipe is so sweet, fruity, and delicious that everyone will love – it’s easy to make too!

pressure cooker berry cobbler

Key Lime Pie by Living Sweet Moments: Key lime pie fans will LOVE this recipe – it’s so sweet, tangy, and delicious! Not to mention how easy it is to make for any party.

instant pot key lime pie recipe

Chocolate Chip Cake by Craft Create Cook: A delicious moist cake recipe with a hint of chocolatey goodness – one everyone is going to go crazy over!

instant pot chocolate chip cake

Keto Lemon Cheesecake by Two Sleevers: This healthier keto option is full of lemony goodness! Despite being low carb and keto-friendly, it’s quite delicious!

keto lemon cheesecake

Eggnog Bread Pudding by Sugar, Spice and Glitter: This drool-worthy bread pudding is a MUST for the holidays – so sweet, moist and delicious!

eggnog bread pudding

Blueberry and Raspberry Compote by Simple Acres: For a delicious sweet addition to some vanilla ice cream – you MUST try this compote! It’s even a healthy recipe with antioxidants. It’s the perfect recipe for the holidays.

instant pot blueberry and raspberry compote

Monkey Bread by Princess Pinky Girl: The only thing better than monkey bread is an easy recipe in an instant pot! It’s so sweet and delicious – you’ll be begging your family to try it!

instant pot monkey bread recipe

Oreo Cheesecake by My Baking Addiction: Anything Oreo is drool-worthy, am I right? This cheesecake tops the cake with the delicious taste and easy recipe. You’ll be making this one well past the holiday season!

instant pot oreo cheesecake

Strawberry Cake by Sugar, Spice, and Glitter: This is the perfect dessert for the holiday season with its spongey texture and caramelized fruity taste. You will be having everyone begging you for the recipe!

instant pot strawberry cake recipe

Apple Dumplings by Tastes of Lizzy T: This sweet apple taste matched with the flakey rolls makes a match made in heaven! In under 30 minutes, you’ll have the perfect holiday dessert.

instant pot apple dumplings

Orange Chocolate Cake by I Don’t Have Time for That!: Orange chocolate is such a delicious flavor combo and does not disappoint with this instant pot cake recipe! A true must for the holidays.

flourless instant pot orange chocolate cake

Pumpkin Apple Cake by the Typical Mom: Pumpkin apple is one of my favorite flavor combinations and oh man this one is drool-worthy! PERFECT for this holiday season!

pumpkin apple cake

Applesauce Cake by Easy Instant Recipes: Applesauce cake with candied pecans? YES PLEASE!! This is sure to be a delicious holiday dessert.

instant pot applesauce cake recipe

Cinnamon Apples by Ginger Casa: I’m a huge sucker for cinnamon apples but usually don’t want to put forth the effort ha…. these cinnamon apples in the instant pot make for a delicious snack during the holidays and beyond!

instant pot cinnamon apples

Brownies with Nuts by Wondermom Wannabe: These brownies are so ooey gooey delcious and easy! They are the PERFECT dessert for holiday family dinners.

instant pot walnut brownies

Caramel Popcorn by Clarks Condensed: This is the BEST snack for winter break – so sweet and savory and the ultimate movie night snack for the holidays.

instant pot caramel popcorn

Coffee Cake by Awe Filled Homemaker: Coffee cake is such the perfect comfort dessert during the winter – and one of our favorites during the holidays! I love the fun twist on this recipe.

instant pot coffee cake

Peach and Blueberry Parfait by Kalyn’s Kitchen: This is such a light, sweet, and refreshing treat. I love making these for breakfast during winter break but they also make a great healthy holiday dessert.

peach blueberry parfait

Which of these instant pot dessert recipes would you like to try over the holidays? Share your thoughts by commenting below!

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