11 Must-Have Cozy Weekend Essentials You’ll Love

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This post is all about cozy weekend essentials.

essentials for a cozy weekend

We all look forward to the weekend to unwind, relax and give ourselves some self care especially during this time of the year when the weather is cooler. Some of my favorite things to do on my lazy days is making waffles, reading a good book and spending most of my time in bed.

Cozy Weekend Essentials

When I enjoy a cozy weekend at home, I always have these essentials on hand. This list of cozy weekend essentials is great for those practice hygge at home too!

1. Comfy Pajamas

I spend most of the time in them anyway so comfort is a necessity. I tend to like plaid pajamas but lately I’ve been into the knitted version because the weather is starting to get colder. As long as you’re comfortable, whatever you wear when lounging in the house is acceptable.

2. A Scented Candle

An essential to set the mood of relaxation and calmness. It’s such a great way to calm your mind and body. Make sure to pick a scent that’s really gets you to relax while smelling amazing at the same time. Some of my favorite scented brands are from Diptyque, Jo Malone, Sweet Water Decor, Otherland and Le Labo.

3. A Good Book

While I do like to binge watch a Netflix show, K-drama or a recorded show on my DVR, I do cut away an hour of the day reading a good book. Right now I’m currently reading Susan Cain’s Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking.

4. A Soft Blanket

I have about ten of these. Seriously, there is nothing better than relaxing on the sofa with a soft and cozy blanket and a cup of your favorite beverage. I love a good knitted blanket. If you don’t have at least one, I’m judging you..hard.

5. Knitted Socks

Gotta have the coziest pair of socks when laying in bed. Especially during this cold weather, I practically stay in my socks.

6. A Coffee Mug

My morning routine starts with coffee. I wake up thinking about coffee because it just perks me up. It’s exactly what I need before I start my day. I can’t function without my morning cup of joe!

7. Sheet Masks

I’m a sucker for sheet masks. I probably have about a hundred korean sheet masks right now in bathroom just waiting to be used. It just gives my face that much needed healing after the mental and physical stresses of my everyday.

8. A Pair of Slippers

I gotta keep my toes warm and toasty when on the move. My favorite type of slippers are the fuzzy kinds with sherpa inside to keep my feet as comfy as possible. I probably have at least 5 pairs in my closet right now in all different shades.

9. A Soft Robe

I love to snuggle up in a soft robe when lounging around the house. If I have no plans for the day, which is typical of my Sundays, I slip on a robe the moment I wake up and have it on until I’m getting ready for bed, haha. Another one of my favorite cozy weekend essentials!

10. A Warm Sweater

For added warmth and comfort, a chunky knit is a must. I’ll sometimes live in this all weekend.

11. A Relaxing Soak

Sunday is the only day of the week where I can enjoy a nice bath feeling fully relaxed.

Which of these cozy weekend essentials are your favorite? Share your thoughts by commenting below!

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