17 Space-Saving Tips When Packing Your Suitcase

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space saving tips for suitcase

I’m all for packing light when I’m traveling; but, not when I have to sacrifice certain essentials just so I can get my luggage to fit.  Today, I’ll provide you with several space-saving, suitcase packing tips so you can stuff everything you need in your carry-on. These packing hacks will help you maximize space in your luggage so you’ll no longer leave behind your favs and must-have products again.

What Is The Most Efficient Way To Pack A Suitcase?

There are so many different ways to pack your suitcase sufficiently. Some pros prefer the roll and fold items method, placing clothes and items you need at the top method and even the layout everything and edit mercilessly method. I’ll be sharing some of my suitcase packing tips and hacks below, but I will note that the most efficient way, at least for me, to pack a suitcase is to fill every inch of space. If you packed an empty toothbrush case, use it to store some q-tips. If you packed sneakers, add a pair of socks in each.

Suitcase Packing Tips

Below I share some of my favorite suitcase packing tips and hacks that will save you more space in your luggage.

1. Roll your clothes

Roll your clothes instead of folding. You’ll save more space this way so it’s definitely worth the extra effort. However, if you have stiffer or easily wrinkled fabrics, like dress shirts, stick to folding and pack them into the spaces left by the rolled clothes.

2. Plan outfits before packing

I know this may not seem as a hack because it’s so darn obvious, but so many people still skip over this step. Make up your mind on what you plan to wear before you start packing. Even better if you start putting together your outfits a week in advance. The last thing you want to do is carry excess clothes which you may not even wear.

3. Invent safe ways of packing your jewelry.

The safest way to achieve that is to pad your jewelry in between clothes.  Pack your jewelry in plastic wrap to safeguard them while in transit. Go even further and arrange your jewelry in various categories, that is, don’t mix your earrings with your necklaces to avoid mix-ups and entangling.

4. Keep Luggage Fresh with Dryer Sheets

dryer sheets in luggage

via Hello Fashion

When suitcases are left in your garage or attic for a long period of time, they can absorb odors. Throw dryer sheets before you put them away for your next trip. When you do travel, add them in between layers of clothes and shoes so they stay fresh too.

5. Use old sunglasses case for carrying fragile belongings.

Just as they keep sunglasses safe, they will offer the same protection to your other perishable belongings. Some of the products that you can keep in the case include earphones, chargers, small-sized cables and much more. The case will also help keep your cables from tangling which is usually the outcome if you just throw them in your handbag or purse.

6. Carry your socks in the shoes that you will be carrying for the trip.

Keeping your socks in your shoes can save you enormous space. You can pack as many as three pairs in every shoe. Such a packing strategy gives you an easier time to access your socks while dressing.

7. Use Tic Tac boxes for storing your hairpins

diy tic tac bobby pin case lovely indeed

via Lovely Indeed

A Tic Tac box is a clever and safe way to store hairpins. Don’t throw them in a bag or small container that can easily open or you might end up with hair pins all over your suitcase.

8. Use your socks for carrying breakable perfume bottles.

Socks act as very reliable shock absorbers when carrying glass perfume bottles. Protect your breakables by placing them in socks before packing. If you’re carrying perfumes with metallic or plastic packaging, ensure that the nozzle faces upwards to avoid unwanted spills.

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9. Protect your powder makeup with cotton pad or ball

Covering your powder makeup products with a cotton pad or ball will keep it from breaking while traveling. Stick a cotton pad or ball inside the compact before putting it in your makeup bag.

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10. Use your bras as carriage equipment for your panties.

This tip is purely for the ladies. Stack your bras on top of each other and then make a fold in between the cups. To save on suitcase space, fold your panties neatly and tuck them in between the bra cups, then put them in a strategic space within the suitcase. With this amazing suitcase packing hack, you will prevent your bra cups from folding inwards hence damaging their shape.

11. Carry just a few drops of toothpaste

Instead of carrying the whole tube of toothpaste, just squeeze a few drops in a convenient plastic wrap to save on space. Remember we want you to pack everything you need no matter the size of your suitcase. You can also improvise and use a clean eye drops bottle instead for carrying your toothpaste. Always ensure you label it correctly to avoid confusion just in case you want to share with your friends or family. This is one of my favorite suitcase packing tips on this list!

12. Use plastic wrap to prevent product spillage.

Liquid and creams can very easily stain your clothes making it vital to transport them in a safe way that minimizes spills. To prevent this, cut a small square of plastic wrap, unscrew the product’s lid, set the plastic wrap on top, and screw the lid back on. This is safer than just covering them with a plastic bag and throwing them all over the suitcase.

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13. Use plastic to pack your easily creased fabrics

Putting your clothes in plastics can help to minimize wrinkling. Always iron your suit and fold it neatly before placing it in a suitcase. Avoid excessive stacking of such items as it can make the clothes get unnecessary lines and wrinkles.

Dry cleaner bags are a very important addition when it comes to packing. They will help lessen the chance of your suit getting creases because of their slippery surface. The surface helps straighten the fabric once you fold your clothes.

14. Cover your razor blade with a binder clip.

Binder-Clip-Razor-Cover redefined mom

via Redefined Mom

If you plan on bringing a razor blade, protect yourself and your clothes by covering the razor end with a binder clip. They’re super convenient and easy to remove.

15. Carry your liquid makeup in a contact case

contact case makeup brit and co

via Brit & Co

If you’re going on a quick trip, there’s no need to bring a ton of makeup products especially when it’s in bulky packaging. You can save space by pouring a little bit of your liquid makeup or moisturizer in a clean contact case.

16. Wear your heavy clothes and pack the light ones

Some people tend to wear light sweaters and dresses then put the heavy ones in the suitcase. Well, after going through these suitcase packing tips, you will learn the advantage of keeping heavy fabrics out of your suitcase. For example, you can cover yourself with your scarf and save space for carrying other items in the suitcase.

17. Pack the heaviest and the less urgent items at bottom of your suitcase

If you still have plenty of heavy clothes to pack in your suitcase, place them at the bottom before the light ones. This will make it very easy for you to unpack your suitcase. You will have enough space on the top to pack your light clothes. Besides space, it also saves the time of unpacking everything when looking for pajamas at the bottom of your traveling bag.

I hope you enjoy my space saving, suitcase packing tips! Happy travels!

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  1. I carry very little make-up and no jewellery (except for the earrings I’m wearing right now), so I don’t need to worry about those. However, I found your other packing advise very useful. Taking an old case for sunglasses to store cables is a brilliant idea. Mine always tangle, no matter how carefully I roll them up. I will have to remember to bring a case next time.

    Also, the binder clip to protect the razor is a brilliant idea! I bought an expensive one and didn’t pay much attention and it was only when I arrived home that I realised it didn’t have a protective covering. I have since then lost my razor, but not before it made several cuts into my toiletries bag. I really need to take a binder clip next time!

    Something else that I’ve found useful is to try how many toiletries I’ll need – before I leave. I will use a small bottle at home and see how long it last. If I’m travelling for two weeks, I have no need to take a whole bottle of shampoo. In fact, once I tried it out at home, I found out that a bit less than 50ml are more than enough for me. So I got a small bottle and refill it for when I go on holidays.

    1. I’m glad that you found some of the tips useful and thanks for sharing one of your own travel hack. Using a small bottle for toiletries like shampoo is a great idea!

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