Detox Your Skin: Kusmi BB Detox Tea

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Happy Tuesday! I had the best sleep I’ve ever had in a long time last night which is probably why I’m in a great mood this morning. To start my day, I’m having my favorite breakfast- avocado toast with a cup of Kusmi’s BB detox tea. Never heard of a bb detox tea? Neither did I until recently. I raided my friend’s kitchen cabinet a week ago and came across this tea and we spent a whole 30 minutes discussing Kusmi. She convinced me to buy it and so here I am today, brewing a cup for myself to start my morning.

how to detox your skin

You know BB creams have been popular for a few years now but now we’re seeing it in a beauty beverage form. Exciting times! Kusmi BB detox tea has a slew of potent natural ingredients that help detoxify the skin by removing excess fluids from the body and boosting toxin removal. It has a sweet fruity blend (which I adore) made up of green tea, detoxifying mate, antioxidant-rich rooibos, dandelion, and a subtle hint of grapefruit for a light tropical taste.

kusmi bb detox tea

I’ve been drinking this tea for a few days now in my new tea cup and it’s delightful. Probably the best tasting tea I’ve ever had. I feel good on the inside with each sip and I feel like it’s nourishing my skin on the outside because it’s getting clearer; however, I’ve also made a few lifestyle changes like eating healthier, drinking smoothies, and dry body brushing so it’s all the changes working together.

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I purchased mine on but if you prefer the tea bags version, then check out Birchbox.

Gift idea: If you have a friend who’s a health nut or a wanna-be health nut, then get her/him this Kusmi Tea Collection Gift Set.


Now that you know one easy way to detox, I thought I share with you a couple more ways you can detox on a daily basis.

I created a daily detox cheatsheet which also includes a printable checklist to help you stay on track of your goals. You can download via the button below!

Have you ever tried detox tea or this particular tea before? Share your thoughts by commenting below!

Looking for Christmas gift ideas for the avid health nut or “wanna-be” health nut? This Kusmi Detox Tea Collection Wellness set is the perfect gift for health and fitness lovers.

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